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You’re standing on a clifftop, taking in the view on a clear spring morning. A fleet of strange looking ships appears on the horizon. They’re long and narrow, with a curved bow and stern and rectangular sails. Do you:

You’re looking for your cas chrom. Are you most likely to have left it:

As your group sits around the hearth one evening, the Druid elder stares into the flames and warns of fire approaching from over the ocean. Do you:

Late at night, you hear something moving and scuffling around your hut. It sounds like it might be a bear. Do you:

On the incoming tide, a small boat is dragged up the beach by a group of devout-looking men wearing simple robes and speaking Irish. Do you:

Late one night, you’re gazing at the canopy of stars and pondering on the complexities of life. Suddenly, a brilliant object blazes a trail across the sky. Are you:

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