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Which English king suffered a fatal arrow wound in his eye at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

...and at which battle had that same English king been victorious only a few weeks previously?

Who was victorious at the Battle of Stirling Bridge?

Which disastrous defeat in 1746 saw Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) fleeing for his life?

In February, a skeleton discovered under a Council car park in Leicester was identified as that of Richard III. Which battle had he just been mortally wounded in?

On 14th June 1645, King Charles I’s troops suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Cromwell’s New Model Army. Where was the battle?

The Battle of Agincourt is still remembered as a momentous victory for the English army, led by Henry V, against the French forces under Charles d’Albret. When did it take place?

...and what was Henry V wearing in his helmet?

Which inspirational leader spearheaded an uprising in Wales against the English Kings Henry IV and V from 1400 to 1415?

Much debate still rages about the true identity of King Arthur, and the whereabouts of his grave. According to legend, what is the name of his last battle, where he was slain?

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